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The traditional fly wallet is here to stay!

Written by Samantha Datta of https://salmonfishingholidaysscotland.com


More and more these days, fishing tackle manufacturers are designing new rods, reels and lines made with the latest technology. They are all supposed to help you cast further, look smarter on the riverbank and of course assist you in catching more fish. Well at least they claim to do so! Most anglers realise that of course this is not the case as the salmon do have say!

It is not only new rods and reels that are constantly coming on to the market, it is also different types of fishing accessories, whether that be fly boxes, nets or even sun glasses. It does appear that because of this, we are losing touch of what salmon fishing is really about and why we do it.

The old fashoned fishing hut a piece of history


When it comes to salmon fishing, the idea is to cover as much water as possible throughout the course of day. By doing this, you have a greater chance of presenting the fly close to a taking fish.

Sometimes anglers can walk for miles down a riverbank, fishing different pools in pursuit of the silver tourist. If this is the case, the last thing any angler wants is to have a fishing jacket loaded with modern fishing accessories. Instead what is required is just the bare essentials, some nylon and a few flies.

There is something comforting about setting off down the river bank, to chase your quarry with just the minimum amount of equipment. It is almost like getting back to basics and being at one with nature again.

It is nice to be able to travel light when salmon fishing


In such circumstances, the key is too travel light, as if your intending to cover a large expanse of water through the course of the day, the last thing you need is extra weight to laden you down, as this can quickly make you feel uncomfortable.

Before, fly boxes were invented, the Victorians would often use empty tobacco tins to store their flies. This was such a romantic notion, and there are still a few anglers that have fished for years that refuse to use a fly box. Instead they stick to their tried and tested tobacco tin.

Indeed, many anglers are quite superstitious and believe that if their salmon flies are kept anywhere else, they will not be as effective.

The trusty fly wallet was another accessory that was regularly used all those year ago. It had advantages over the tobacco tin as it would help keep the hooks that that the flies were tied on dry and prevent them from rusting.

Another great advantage of the fly wallet was that the individual flies could be kept apart, and arranged neatly so it was easy to select a specific fly.

It is great to see that the fly wallet is now getting ever more popular amongst salmon anglers once again. It is going back to simplicity and the way fly fishing for salmon should be. Opening a fly wallet makes you feel nostalgic on the riverbank, conjuring up memories about by gone days when salmon were once plentiful.

Thankfully, no matter how much technology changes, the handcrafted traditional fly wallet is here to stay!

The traditional salmon fly reel

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