Stanescu Leathercraft | Made-to-order. Handmade leather fly box carved with fly fishing theme
Handmade leather money wallet, carved with fly fishing theme. We can develop custom models to suit our customers needs. Beside our themes linked to nature or inspired by our clients, with some limitations, our products can be personalised with monograms, logos, etc. (if the design of the logo allows).
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Hybrid fly box


Heavy duty leather hybrid fly box. This item is half  fly box and half leader wallet.

Carving by hand gives an unique style and cannot be imitated by any other machine.

Leather. We use only Italian leather, bought from Tuscany, a region with great tradition in tanning. They are made to last a long time by using 2,5 mm leather.

Dye.  “Dyeing the leather is an art, not a science” so there won’t be two identical products.

Stitches.  To prevent the broken thread, stitches are buried in a special made groove. Two needle hand stitching and waxed thread prevents unweaving even if the thread is accidentally cut.

Flybox dimensions: 160/100/25 mm.

Customization. We can develop custom models to suit our customers needs. We can personalize the flybox with a monogram or a logo. (if the design of the logo allows).

Uniqueness. The best part when making a handmade project is that every resulted product is an unique one. I can’t make two identical items even if I want to. While working there can be little “accidents” but these gives a high value of our work showing that it’s a hand made and not a series work. And finally the most important ingredients in making a leather object with a precious look are time and wear. This gives patina and uniqueness, pleasant aesthetics and creates a strong bond between the product and its owner.

Price. The starting price for a hybrid fly box is 155 euro and includes one carving and maxim 3 letters. Please feel free to ask for any customization you want. Everything can be discussed!

Fly fishing leather flybox hybrid
Fly fishing leather flybox hybrid
Fly fishing leather flybox hybrid
Fly fishing leather flybox hybrid
Fly fishing leather flybox hybrid
Fly fishing leather flybox hybrid